Gulatinget – architectural 3D rendering (2012)
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About: Architectural 3D rendering of the Gulatinget exhibition center in Norway. The film is produced by the Icelandic interaction design company, Gagarin for Arkitektgruppen Cubus.

Role: Sound design and music.


Sound and music in architectural 3D renderings

The audio dimension of the otherwise carefully designed presentations of architectural ideas are most often not exhibiting the same quality and eye for detail as the visual dimension.

This is in a way typical, as many other design fields show the same tendency to focus on what is seen, while giving less attention to what is communicated through the ear.

In architectural renderings, music is often implemented primarily as a pleasant sonic wallpaper, which fills the gap of silence while the architectural idea is being presented. In worst case scenario, a poorly chosen soundtrack can have very undesired effects on the impression one gets of the presentation, the architecture and your company.

However, if sound and music is carefully designed as an element of the overall design strategy and complies with the concept and purpose of your ideas, the unity and impact of the presentation can be greatly enhanced, conveying an extra degree of thoroughness and professionalism.

Sound and image in any audio-visual context fuse to become a single expression – sound being highly influential on the way we experience the visual representation and vice versa. Thus, the sound accompanying an architectural idea is important and has a huge potential of communicating properties of that idea – properties that can be difficult to exhibit visually. These include a sense of space, atmosphere, acoustics, time, emotion and a feeling of being there that can make the presentation come to life and seem more compelling and real.

The communicatory power of the soundtrack on presentations such as these is something that only few architectural companies are conscious about, making this a good opportunity to move a step ahead of competition.